Hi, I’m Iain Henry.  Welcome to my website!

I’m at Lecturer (Assistant Professor) at the Australian National University’s Strategic and Defence Studies Centre.  My research explores how states assess the reliability of their allies, with a particular focus on America’s alliances in Asia.  I am interested in Asian security, the Cold War, diplomatic history and Australian strategic policy.

I completed my PhD at ANU in 2017, and then joined the Centre as a faculty member.  Before moving to academia, I worked for the Australian Government, Qantas Airways, and I was also in the Australian Army for a few years.

I currently teach two undergraduate courses: STST2001 (International Security Issues in the Asia-Pacific) and STST4001 (Fundamentals of Research Design in Asia-Pacific International, Political and Security Studies).  I am also the Convenor of the Bachelor of International Security Studies degree.   

I am on twitter: @IainDHenry.  If you need to contact me via email, my address takes the form of firstname.lastname@anu.edu.au